what is email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

July 6, 2018 By admin

What is Email Marketing?

what is email marketing

Email Marketing is used to promote our products or services by sending a commercial message to a group of people.  In this we send Emails for advertisements, requesting business or donations. It is the efficient way to connect to stay connected with your customers. Email marketing is the part of the internet marketing. With the help of this, you can reach your target markets without the need of a large amount of space. Email makes it easy for your customers to share your marketing messages.


E-mail marketing is the method to send messages via mail to a bulk of customers to promote their business or any product. It is the best way to aware your customers about your new products and attracts them to remain intact with your organizations. Have you ever received emails saying that there is a sale be hurry! otherwise, the stalk will end ? this is the example of E-mail marketing from our day-to-day life.N ow the problem is we are actually human beings not robot suppose the e-mail has to be sent to the customers which are billion in numbers but not to worry there are different software for this purpose.

Why is it Important?

Email Marketing is important for constructing business relationships because it speaks directly to the customers. Email marketing is the very powerful way to connect with our customers. It is very efficient and the main thing it is cost-effective. Emails have strong the ability to connect with your customers. It is very convenient for you and for your customers. The role of email for marketers is to continue to grow stronger. It is very beneficial for the small business owners because it is in their budget. It is a better choice rather than showing advertisements on T.V, radio or direct mail. Most of the people use mobiles to not only check email but all other types of social media and information.

Benefits of E-mail marketing:-

1. Obviously, marketing of any type will help the company to make money which is the actual purpose of it.T he content will be the most powerful weapon to convince your client that you are the only one who can provide the best service.
2. Most of the people all over the world working or non-working have mail id and that is used by them for their professional work so there is very less chance that your mail has ignored by the customer as it is the main issue with SMS marketing.
3.E-mail marketing is trustworthy as it is easy to share globally.
4. It takes less time to interact with a large audience .it is a matter of a few seconds.
5. Many famous brands became successful using this method of marketing thus the output is guaranteed. the successful path is for all but the success is the result of the right way of using the third technique.
6. This way of marketing is free of cost while the other ways like SMS marketing are not cost effective.
7. E-mail marketing provides a route to increasing the peddling of your website.

Softwares used in Email Marketing

I am not sure which Email Marketing software is best for you but I can give you some names of software that are used for Email Marketing. They are:-

  1. Campaign Monitor

  2. ZeroBounce

  3. MailChimp

  4. Benchmark

  5. KingMailer


Websites Used for Email Marketing:-

A good Email marketing service enables you to create high-level emails. If you own your website you that competitors are very challenging and building SEO take much time. If you don’t have an email marketing tool yet, we provide some names of the websites used for Email Marketing:-

  1. Mailer Lite
  2. Aweber
  3. Vertical Response
  4. Convert Kit
  5. Active Campaign

How to Write Effective Emails:-

The ability to write efficient and Effective Email is super useful. We all are very busy and we don’t have much time to read long emails. Now I am telling you some tips on how to write effective emails:-

Rule 1

Not just you have to ask “hope you are well ” but something more beautiful and personal “how was your last Sunday trip”?

Rule 2

When we meet any person’s face- to- face we use the other person’s body language. Your choice of words, punctuation can easily be happy with the other person.

Rule 3

Don’t write so much long emails that the person is reading feeling boring, it should be short and to the point.

Rule 4

Read the email twice so if you have any mistake in your message you can find it out not the person find whom you are sending.

Rule 5

A newspaper heading always very interesting so you read all the article. In the same way, your subject should always well-written.