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What is Content Marketing? Points to Consider

July 10, 2018 By admin

What is Content Marketing?


Content Marketing is said to be that marketing in which text, image, videos are included in your content. It is used to attract more customers to your website or blog to solve their issues. For more clarity about the Content Marketing in simple language is that it is that tool which is used to reach a variety of qualitative users so that to attract more customers for your website or blog.
Example: – Suppose someone is trying to find a particular topic say- downloading movie named as & Bahubali

2. Then obviously he/she will search on that particular topic on a search engine like google or bing. Then he/she will type the keyword related to his topic. If your website is an SEO friendly then you will be of course at the first result. And the visitor will be on your platform automatically. If you used your keyword correctly then the user will definitely get the advantage from your website otherwise not. So the Content Marketing helps the users as well as the visitor to reach at the exact position online.

What are the Rules for Content Marketing?

Content Marketing has many rules and regulations. Now I will discuss them in briefly. FOCUS KEYWORD: In the & Content Marketing the Focus Keyword plays a very important role. As we know that Google robot is read the header part whenever the body part is written by a human being.
So the focus keyword is that keyword which indicates or tells the Google on which topic the article is written. In clear words, we can say that with the help of the Focus Keyword Google finds about the base of the article.

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Example for Focus Keyword:-

Suppose we are writing about Content Marketing. So here the &Content Marketing& is the main
keyword for this article. So we have to write the article on focusing the keyword means the article
should be in the limit of that keyword. For Google's information, we have to use the keyword 2% in 300
words mean 6 times.

  • Keyword Density:

As explained above, we have to use a maximum of 2% behind 300-word length. It means that if we have written the article in 300 words then we can only add a maximum of 6 keywords in it. Hence in clear word, we can take the meaning of " Keyword Density & in simple words – the quantity of the keyword used in the article.

  • Keyword Prominence:

Keyword Prominence is defined as the process of initiating an article with the keyword. To make it understand in very simple language is that we should start the article with our keyword. Again for more clarity if we write on Content Marketing then the article should be started with the keyword named as & Content Marketing &Thus it is very important in SEO point of view to make your article at the peak.

  • Keyword Proximity:

Keyword Proximity is defined as the process of distance among your keywords. To make it better understand let’s take an example for it. Suppose we have types the paragraph of 100 words. Here we can implement our main keyword only 2 times. So the main thing that should be kept into our mind is that they should not be together. there should be a big gap between the both. This describes the Keyword Proximity.

  • Keyword Writing Rules:

In the article, the keyword may be written in the form of BOLD, ITALIC as well as UNDERLINED. Here one thing should be kept into mind that if you don’t use the BOLD as well as ITALIC; at least you have to use BOLD& the size of the keyword.

When we think the meaning of Unique in English; it stands different; So when we talk about the article or post; we should have a unique post or article as well. So the content, as well as the written material and also the information in the post or article, must be unique.

  • Points and Contents:-

Here the thing which is very important to us is the main point in the article or post. The point of the article may be similar but the content must not be similar to others. It has to be unique at any cost. Then the article or the post written by us will rank on the search engine.


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